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ProLux 15-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set

ProLux 15-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set

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Embrace your unique style, seamlessly blending, perfecting, and enchanting with the ProLux 15-piece collection tailored for eyes and face. Keep them close or display them stylishly in a portfolio case, ensuring glamour on the move. Unleash the limitless creativity this brush set ignites, empowering boundless artistic expression. Showcase your expertise, darling!

Indulge in sophistication with the ProLux 15-piece set for flawless eye and face makeup. Whether on-the-go or showcased in a chic portfolio, ignite limitless creativity and showcase your mastery in artistic expression.


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Our Product Features:

  1. Supreme Round Deluxe Blender Brush (Synthetic): Achieve an impeccably flawless look effortlessly with this multifunctional blender, ensuring seamless transitions without any harsh lines.
  2. Angled Foundation Brush (Synthetic): Say hello to the ultimate solution for foundation, bronzer, and contour application – this brush effortlessly covers every nook and cranny for a perfected blend.
  3. Precision Pointed Powder Brush (Synthetic): Keep your powder applications clean and precise with this brush, ensuring controlled and accurate diffusion without any mess.
  4. Flathead Brush (Synthetic): Designed to flawlessly sculpt jawlines and curves, this brush is your steadfast companion for achieving the perfect contour effortlessly.
  5. Flat Concealer Brush (Synthetic): Flaws? Not a chance. This brush's angled edge is perfectly tailored for seamlessly blending cream formulas, ensuring a flawless, impeccable finish.
  6. Highlight Definer Brush (Synthetic): Let your glow speak for itself – this brush is tailored to keep your highlight in place exactly where it belongs.
  7. Firm Shadow Brush (Synthetic): Embrace shimmer and glitter—the firmness of this brush ensures precise, compact application.
  8. Deluxe Angle Blender Brush (Synthetic): Unleash your artistry with this elongated fluffy brush, achieving soft, gradient colors that steal the show.
  9. Oval Shadow Brush (Synthetic): Amplify pigment application with an oval brush designed for bold, vibrant color layering.
  10. Effortless Smudger Brush (Synthetic): Where there’s smoke, there’s fire—in this case, expertly smoked-out looks courtesy of this smudger.
  11. Pro Round Blender Brush (Synthetic): Apply or blend pigment effortlessly with this soft, domed brush, an ace for highlighting and shadow play.
  12. Under Eye Precision Brush (Synthetic): Effortlessly conceal under-eye imperfections and seamlessly blend with detailed precision, concealing those late-night signs effortlessly.
  13. Detail Round Blender Brush (Synthetic): Perfectly diffuse the crease, tailored to any eye shape with this slightly tapered genius.
  14. Angle Liner Brush (Synthetic): Effortlessly craft Instagram-worthy brows with this multitasking brush, delivering defined lines and sculpted shapes.
  15. Detail Liner Brush (Synthetic): Achieve winged perfection with this artist-inspired brush, ensuring precise lines every single time.
  16. Portfolio Case